Be my little bandit girl

White hair like ice flowers
Like hailstorm you fall into my life
Envelops me gently
I sleep deeply
Dream loud, live quietly

just take it
Never regret
Go further
Be my little bandit girl

You open your eyes
smile at me
stop my heartbeat
Just for a while – little while
I wonder if I’m going to die

You’re not afraid
just take it
you decide
Be my little bandit girl

getting cold
lips are blue
change the hair
and hide yourself
where is she that will rescue me?

depends on you
kiss me
let me die
Be my little bandit girl

Text und Fotos: Nicole Malek

Modell: Elisa <3

Rolleiflex, 120er Fomapan 400, Rodinal 1+50 plus Natriumsulfit

Juni 2, 2017